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We are authorized and permitted by the Ozark National Scenic Riverways to operate within the park boundaries.

Current River is fed by innumerable springs, including the largest single outlet spring in the world, Big Spring. It is also fed by several other springs that rank in the top dozen in the world.

The clear, cool river is in fact a national park, Ozark National Scenic Riverway, It is a playground for people. It is also a playground for one of the world's best game fish, the SMALLMOUTH BASS!

I love this river. I've been fishing and cruising it since boyhood and my enthusiasm
hasn't flagged. I'm always anxious to share this jewel of a river with others and help them enjoy it too.

I offer fishing trips, mostly, but I'm also available to assist in float trips, camping trips, and scenic tours.

Riverman says, "Work is for people who don't fish."

We use a comfortable modern 19 foot aluminum jon boat, picutred above.

We also offer floats in a traditional wooden jon boat like the one above and below..